Tornado Strikes Hoisington (7/11/2001)

By: Chance Hayes

Preliminary information on the tornado which struck Hoisington on April 21, 2001.

The tornado that affected Barton County last evening touched down in Southwest Hoisington...on the edge of the city limits. The National Weather Service has rated the Tornado F4 on the Fujita scale in Hoisington. The tornado moved Northeast after hitting Hoisington for approximately 2 miles and was rated F2 after leaving Hoisington. The tornado then turned to the North/Northeast. The total path length was approximately 5 miles and the path width was approximately 3/8 of a mile. Just before lifting, the tornado caused F0 to F1 damage. One fatality has been reported along with 28 injuries (2 critical). 200 homes and 12 businesses were destroyed and 85 homes were severely damaged. 200 homes received minor to moderate damage.

Links to tornado track and damage path:

Image 1: Map of entire tornado path. Image 2: Zoomed view of previous image. Image 3: (Large 345kb) FEMA map of tornado path Image 4: (Large 482kb) More detailed view of previous image

Below are links to damage in Hoisington: Image 5, Image 6, Image 7, Image 8.

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