Two Winter Weather Events Affected Portions of Our Area (1/20/2002)

By: Hayden Frank

Accumulating Snows Fell Across Portions of Eastern Kansas Thursday January 17th and Friday January 18th

The first event began during the early morning hours on Thursday, January 17th. Warm air aloft, over ran the cold air at the surface, causing the Snow. Initially, the low levels of the atmosphere were very dry, allowing the snow to evaporate before reaching the ground. However, after a few hours this was overcome, and some areas reported bursts of heavy snow that reduced visibilities to near zero at times. The system produced 1 to 4 inches of snow across part of southeast Kansas by early Thursday afternoon. The event was extremely small scale in nature, only about 30 to 40 miles wide. Accumulating snow that was 1 inch or greater, generally extended from the extreme southern portions of both Woodson and Allen counties, southward to the southern sections of Chautauqua, Montgomery, and southern Labette counties. The greatest amounts were across parts of southeast Wilson, southwest Neosho, and northeast Montgomery county, where some locations reported up to 4 inches.

...Snowfall Amounts Across the Region on Thursday January 17th...

  County:         Town:            Amount:
             Wilson          3e Neodesha      4 Inches
             Wilson          Vilas            3 Inches
             Neosho          Erie             3 Inches
             Elk             Longton          3 Inches
             Montgomery      5s Cherryvale    2 Inches
             Labette         2ne Parsons      2 Inches
             Allen           3w Ellsmore      1 Inch
             Elk             5e Howard        1 Inch
             Labette         Mound Valley     1 Inch
             Labette         Oswego           1 Inch
             Woodson         2n North Ridge   Dusting 
Image 1 Snowfall Accumulation Map on January 17th Event

The second event began during the afternoon hours on Friday, January 18th. Spotty light snow and sleet overspread central and southeast Kansas during the early afternoon hours. The precipitation was very light until late afternoon. At that time, the snow increased in intensity to the north and east of Wichita. The most significant snow occurred across the extreme northeast sections of our area, where up to 3 inches fell in many spots. Areas that received around 1 inch or more of snow, generally ran along and to the northeast of a Lincoln, to Mcpherson, to Whitewater, to Howard Line.

Across the rest of south central and southeast Kansas, the spotty light snow changed to freezing drizzle for a time during the night. This resulted in slick roadways across the region. Although this area received just a light coating of ice and snow, it was the first taste of wintery precipitation this year across most locations.

...Snowfall Amounts Across the Region on Friday January 18th...

             County:         Town:           Amount:
             Marion          Lincolnville    3 Inches
             Saline          Glendale        3 Inches
             Saline          New Cambria     3 Inches
             Saline          Smolan          2 Inches
             Woodson         Yates Center    3 Inches
             Woodson         2n North Ridge  3 Inches
             Greenwood       6se Madison     3 Inches
             Greenwood       4s Thrall       2 Inches
             Wilson          Vilas           2 Inches
             Allen           Humboldt        1 Inch
             Elk             Longton         1 Inch
             Elk             Howard          1 Inch
             Neosho          Erie            1 Inch
             Neosho          Galesburg       1 Inch
             Harvey          Hesston         1 Inch
             McPherson       McPherson       1 Inch
             Lincoln         Lincoln         1 Inch
             Butler          Cassoday        1 Inch 

Image 2 Snowfall Accumulation Map of January 18th Event

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