New Severe Weather Voice for Noaa Weather Radio!! (3/20/2003)

By: Robb Lawson

When severe weather threatens Central and Eastern Kansas, listen for the new severe weather voice!!

Several months ago the National Weather Service acquired two new voices for NOAA Weather Radio. Initially NWS Wichita chose to use only the female voice, mainly due to this new voice being able to say frequently used words better. Over the last few months, the staff at NWS Wichita spent time tweaking the new male voice so he would be ready for severe weather season. We are happy to say that this new male voice is now up and running . So now, here are the current voices you will here on our NWR broadcast and their associated products:

Chance Storm: the time, "This Date in Weather History", and an occasional Public information Statement.

New Female Voice(Misty): All routine products such as forecasts, climate information, hourly weather roundup and weather summaries.

New Male Voice: All warnings, watches and advisories.

Now when you here this new voice, you will know to tune in for life threatening watches and warnings!!

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