Late Summer F1 Tornado Strikes Russell!! (9/22/2006)

By: Robb Lawson

An intense low pressure system approached Kansas on Thursday September 21st setting the stage for a late summer tornado event. Upper level winds around 100 MPH, associated with this system, provided abundant wind shear which enhanced the tornado potential.

What made this event unique was that the storms that produced the tornadoes were very small compared to most tornado producing supercells. These small rotating storms are often called mini-supercells or low topped supercells and usually occur with abundant wind shear with limited instability.

Preliminary findings have three tornadoes occurring with these storms. The strongest of which was an F1 tornado that hit the west side of Russell, causing damage to several buildings. Estimated damage amounts are between 75 and 100 thousand dollars. Two other tornado touchdowns occurred in Lincoln County. Fortunately, the tornadoes occurred over open country and did not cause any damage.

Image 1 is a radar display of the mini-supercell which produced the destructive tornado over Russell County.

The following images are of the tornado and the damage it caused across the west side of the town of Russell: Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5

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