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In January 2007, 9.5 inches of snow were measured at Mid- Continent Airport, thereby making 2007 the 10th snowiest January in Wichita since climate records commenced on July 1st, 1888.

In sharp contrast to it's 2006 predecessor, when Wichita experienced it's warmest January on record with an average monthly temperature of 43.2 degrees (during which a scant 0.11 inch of precipitation was measured) the 2007 edition proved far more representative of a typical January for the Air Capital, with average monthly temperature of 29.9 degrees and 1.21 inches of precipitation.

However, the most significant climate statistic by far was in the realm of snowfall. The 9.5 inches measured at Mid-Continent Airport made 2007 the 10th snowiest January on record for Wichita, eclipsing the 9.0 inches measured 60 years earlier in January 1947.

Three significant winter events accounted for all 9.5 inches of snow. On the 13th and 14th, 1.1 inches of snow, much of it sleet, made travel dangerous across the metro area. On the 20th, the 2nd (and most significant) event occurred when 5.2 inches accumulated, resulting in the cancellations of numerous events and activities. The 3rd event, occurring on the 31st, would enable 2007 to gain admission into the "coveted" top- 10 fraternity. The 3.2 inches measured that day brought the final total to 9.5 inches, thereby enabling 2007 to replace 1947 has the 10th snowiest January in Wichita.

This story was brought to you by the National Weather Service - Wichita, Kansas.

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