May 5th and 6th severe weather produces several tornadoes and widespread flooding. (5/8/2007)

By: Chance Hayes

Three different bouts with severe weather left a trail of 20 tornado tracks and widespread flooding across portions of Central and South Central Kansas.

A persistent weather system led to three bouts of severe weather across Central and South Central Kansas. In all, preliminary numbers have 20 tornadoes that touched down in Barton, Rice, Russell, Lincoln, Harper, and Reno counties.

Fortunately, the tornadoes were rated as EF1 or EF0. This means that significant damage to well built structures did not occur. Most of the damage was limited to trees and outbuildings like barns and sheds. Power lines across the region also took the brunt of the tornadoes and high winds, as several communities were left without power.

Many of these tornadoes occurred during the late evening or very early morning hours. These are times when a person may be sleeping and not aware of the weather situation around them. A NOAA Weather Radio can help to alleviate any issues in this regard, as the NWS emits a signal from transmitters across the area to sound alerts on the NOAA Weather Radio when inclement weather is approaching your area.

The other major hazard with this storm system was the major flooding that occurred across the area. Widespread rainfalls in excess of 6 inches and higher amounts up to 10 inches have occurred, which caused significant rises in area creeks and streams. This led to numerous road closures across many locations and even some evacuations. Now, the water has moved from the creeks and streams into the river system. River flooding is occurring with near record or record levels. This has also led to a more evacuations.

Below, you will find several images from across the area.

Tornado Tracks (Image 1)
Flooding (Image 2)
Wind Damage (Image 3)
Trailer Damage (Image 4)
Barn Damage (Image 5)
Power lines (Image 6)
House Damage (Image 7)
River Flooding (Image 8)

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