Record and near Record Flooding the 2nd week of May (5/11/2007)

By: Janet Spurgeon

Heavy rains brought widespread river flooding across central and southeast Kansas.

Widespread rainfall amounts in excess of over 6 inches occurred on the 6th and the 7th of May. Rivers and creeks reacted with sharp rises and flooding. Flooding was seen along the following rivers and creeks: Arkansas, Cow Creek, Ninnescah, Little Arkansas, Chikaskia, Walnut, Whitewater, Cottonwood, Smoky Hill, Mulberry Creek, Neosho, Fall, and the Verdigris. Moderate and major flooding occurred on the Arkansas River near Haven, Cottonwood River at Cottonwood Falls, Smoky Hill River at Mentor and New Cambria, Mulberry Creek near Salina, and Neosho River near Erie and Oswego.

Record flooding occurred on the Akansas River near Haven. The new record peak crest of 13.08 ft was set on Tuesday the 8th at 5 PM. (Image 1) This picture was taken at the gage site near Haven the morning before the crest at 9 AM. At that time, the river was reading a stage of 12.2 ft. This is looking downstream. Flood stage is 10 ft. The next (Image 2) is looking downstream to the northeast. The 3rd (Image 3) is looking downstream to the southeast. View (Image 4) is looking upstream. At a gage height of 12 feet, flooding overspreads pastureland along both banks of the river. At three miles upstream from the gage site from Haven Road, water overtops the dike. The river may have even produced a higher crest, if at 3 miles upstream parts of the dike were not breached Tuesday morning. Other impacts included reports of farmers losing their cattle in the river.

Further upstream along the Arkansas River at Hutchinson, the river rose above the flood stage of 8 ft, to a crest of 12.7 ft during the early morning of Tuesday the 8th at 5 AM. This (Image 5) is looking downstream toward the right bank. At this time the river was reading 12.4 ft. This (Image 6) is looking downstream toward Carey Park. (Image 7) Is looking upstream. This event, the river crested just 0.3 ft shy of moderate flooding. At 12 ft gage height, the river flooded the road at the intersection of Yoder and Eales Roads.

The Arkansas River in Wichita has flooded low areas along the river banks where bike and walking paths are located. The next (Image 8) (Image 9) is a view from McClean Street near Douglas. (Image 10) is the flooding around the Keeper of the Plains. (Image 11) is a view across from the Keeper looking at the flooded bike and walk paths. These pictures were taken on Tuesday May 9th where the river stage was at 12.8 ft.

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