June 12th, Day 2 of Tornadoes, Large Hail and Damaging Winds (6/14/2008)

By: Robb Lawson

For the second day in a row portions of Central and especially South Central Kansas were impacted by tornadoes, large hail and damaging winds. Storms first developed along a cold front around 5 pm and quickly became severe.

One of the more impressive supercell thunderstorms tracked across Chase County causing some minor damage. Image 1 is a picture of the tornado as it touch down near Cedar Point. Image 2, Image 3 and Image 4 are pictures of minor damage which this weak tornado caused about 6 to 7 miles southwest of Cottonwood Falls. This tornado was rated an EF-0. Image 5 and Image 6 are radar images of this impressive supercell near the time it first produced the tornado. Image 7 is a map of where tornado damage was reported across Chase County with this weak tornado.

Thunderstorms continued to erupt southwest along the cold front as the evening hours progressed. Another intense storm developed across the southern portion of Sedgwick County around 830 pm. Image 8 is a radar image of this storm as it tracked across Southeast Sedgwick County. Image 9 is a cell phone picture of a funnel near Derby and Image 10 is a picture of a wall cloud just southwest of Haysville. Image 11 is a picture of the impressive supercell near Mulvane.

The severe weather continued after dark with another supercell producing a weak EF-1 tornado that caused damage over Central portions of Cowley County around 11 pm. Image 12 is a map showing where tornado damage occurred with this tornado across Cowley County. Image 13, Image 14, Image 15, Image 16 and Image 17 are pictures of the damage about 6 miles northeast of Winfield.

To finish off the night one last storm developed over Barber County at around 3 am. As this storm tracked southeast, it intensified and produced a large swath of large hail and very high winds. Extremely strong straight line winds blew over a car just north of the state line south of Hunnewell(Sumner County) and two power poles were also snapped in this location. 75 mph winds were estimated in Geuda Springs which was also in Sumner County. This same storm also produced baseball size hail near South Haven along with Golf Ball size hail east of Arkansas City.

Image 18 is a map showing severe weather reports produced from this one intense thunderstorm. Image 19 is a radar image of this storm and Image 20 is a 3-D radar image showing the top of this storm reaching above 50,000 ft.

This story was brought to you by the National Weather Service - Wichita, Kansas.

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