Cooler than normal August thus far in Wichita...Updated (8/21/2008)

By: Jerilyn Billings

Update...On August 21st 2008, Wichita broke the record from 1961 with 15 consecutive days with a maximum high temperature below 90F in August.

Wichita is having a cooler than normal August. The average high temperature through the 20th of August is 86F which is well below the monthly August normal maximum temperature of 91.6F. The last date that Wichita saw a maximum temperature greater than 90F was on August 6th. With 11 more days in the month, and many of them with a forecast high below the normal maximum, it is likely that we will end the month well below the normal maximum temperature.

Through the 20th of August, 2008 ties for the highest number of consecutive days with a maximum temperature below 90F with 14 days. The only other year that has had 14 consecutive days of highs below 90F in August dates back to 1961. The forecast high temperature for August 21st is below 90F and if it occurs, 2008 will break the record from 1961 for consecutive days with highs below 90F. This comparison is from daily records between 1954 and 2008.

Updated: Top 5 consecutive number of days with Temperatures below 90F in August
1. 15 days: 2008 (as of 21st of the month)
2. 14 days: 1961
3. 13 days: 2004 and 1989
4. 12 days: 1996 and 1992
5. 11 days: 1966

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