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Nature has her own brand of March Madness; one that extends into the meteorological realm.

In most respects March 2009 has been magnificant in Central Kansas. Afternoon temperatures have frequently reached the 60s and 70s and, on a couple occasions, have even reached the 80s. Precipitation has been scarce (in some areas very scarce) which has resulted in a very high fire danger on many occasions but for the most part, Kansans have welcomed the warmer weather.

However, if these same people think that because spring has officially arrived that Old Man Winter has gone into hibernation, they should think again, because he has been known to get into the mood for some fun and games before finally signing off until the following winter. The following snow events for Salina should make this rather clear:

Of the 10 greatest calendar day snowfalls on record, 3 have occurred in March. The amounts and dates of these events are:

8.0 Inches; March 19th, 1984 and March 9th, 1975 (Both are in a 3-way tie for 7th place with February 11th, 1965.)
7.5 Inches; March 3rd, 1953 (Ranked 10th all-time)

Of the 15 worst snowstorms on record, 3 occurred in March. NOTE: In some cases, these snowstorms encompassed a 2-day period. The respective calendar day totals are identified.

10.5 Inches; March 31st-April 1st, 1970. (March 31st: 3.5 Inches; Apr. 1st: 7.0 Inches) **Ranked 7th**
8.0 Inches; March 19th, 1984 and March 9th, 1975 **Tied for 11th**

So when it comes to "exciting" weather, March can prove quite productive in all respects. Besides snowstorms, blizzards, ice storms, high wind events containing 40-50 MPH sustained speeds, severe thunderstorms and violent tornadoes have all occurred during the month of March. It certainly appears that March 2009 will prove quite memorable as well.

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