A Warm Start To Meteorological Summer! (7/1/2009)

By: Andy Kleinsasser

Warmest June since 1994 in Wichita.

June 2009 certainly was a warm month for Wichita and surrounding communities. The average temperature of 79.1 degrees measured at Mid-Continent Airport was the warmest June since 1994, when the mercury averaged a close 79.2 degrees for the month. A normal June average temperature for Wichita is 75.5 degrees.

Furthermore, 100-degree June readings over the past 10 years in Wichita have been non-existent. In fact, the 101-degree high temperature this past June 25th was the first 100-degree reading in June since 1998, when it was reached a staggering 9 times the 2nd half of the month at Mid-Continent Airport. It is safe to say that June 1998 certainly would have averaged warmer than its 2009 counterpart if warmer temperatures would have occurred the first half of the month.

This story was brought to you by the National Weather Service - Wichita, Kansas.

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