Persistent Storms Produce Hail, Wind, and Flooding (4/8/2010)

By: NWS Wichita

April 6th, 2010 Hail, Wind, and Flooding

By: NWS Wichita

On April 6th 2010, a very dynamic system was approaching the Kansas area. This system had a very pronounced dryline associated with it that caused storms to fire off of it in the afternoon hours. These storms mainly produced one-inch hail and some strong winds. This dryline was nearly stationary, straddling parts of West Wichita, and caused storms to continue to produce  rainfall over the same areas. Because of this, flooding occurred across parts of Marion and Chase counties. Over the next several hours the cold front associated with this system caught up with the dryline and pushed it eastward, causing storms to fire in Oklahoma and in Southeast Kansas.



The image to the left shows the weather set up for the storms that occured on April 6th. One can see that a cold front is over parts of Western Kansas and a dryline is cutting through Central Kansas by Tuesday afternoon. As the day continues this dryline will move eastward into the warm moist air and storm began initation. The cold front eventually catches up to the dryline be the late evening hours and causes a few storms in Southeast Kansas.




Hail Stones from 13th and Ridge in Wichita, KS. Picture by: Brian Boutwell

Hail falling from a storm located over 13th and Ridge in Wichita, KS. Picture by: Brian Boutwell


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