Recent Rains Contribute to Excessive Heat! (7/28/2010)

By: NWS Wichita

The Recent Heavy Rainfall has
Contributed to the Oppressive Heat
The Week of July 12th, 2010...




 The image above shows the observed rainfall over the past 2 weeks across the central and southern Plains (red shading indicates rainfall over 5 inches, with purple over 10 inches).


 The image above shows the high dew point temperatures across the Plains on Tuesday afternoon (red shading denotes values in the upper 70s to lower 80s).   ...Click each image to enlarge it...


The recent heavy rainfall across the central and southern Plains since the beginning of July has contributed to the oppressive humidity across the area this week. The hot daytime airmass is evaporating this moisture laying in fields and the soil, and acts as an additional source of moisture, to the Gulf of Mexico air that is already in place across the area. This has resulted in higher than usual dew point and humidity levels across the area this week. Notice how the area of heaviest rainfall, from west Texas into central and eastern Oklahoma and eastern Kansas,corresponds to the area of highest dew point temperatures. These high dew points have resulted in the oppressive humidity values across the area since Tuesday, resulting in heat index values (or how it feels temperature) in the 105 to 112 degree range across parts of the central and southern Plains.

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