5th Warmest Summer so far for Wichita (8/10/2010)

By: NWS Wichita

Wichita Experiencing 5th Warmest Summer on Record


From a climatological standpoint, it certainly has been a warm summer so far for the air capitol. The average temperature (combination of daily high and low temperatures) recorded at Mid-Continent Airport from June 1st-August 8th was 82.5 degrees, about 3 degrees above the typical average temperature (1971-2000 climatological normal) from June 1st-August 8th. This places the summer of 2010 at 5th warmest since records began in 1888. The following lists Wichita`s top 5 warmest June 1st-August 8th periods and corresponding average temperatures:
1)   1934   86.0
2)   1980   85.7
3)   1954   84.0
4)   1936   83.5
5)   2010   82.5


Though still lagging behind, the summer of 2010 is beginning to rival some of the warmest summers on record in Wichita, including 1936 during the infamous dust bowl.

Another interesting summer 2010 temperature statistic for Wichita...the August 1st-8th average temperature was 88.2 degrees, over 6 degrees above normal for the first 8 days of August. This is the 6th warmest start to August on record. If the current hot forecast through Friday verifies, the first half of August 2010 could break into the top 3 to 5 warmest starts to August on record. Stay tuned for later updates to this weather story.

Will the Air Capitol continue to bake in the 100+ degree heat through the rest of August? It appears that medium range weather models are indicating a cool down may be on the way for this coming weekend and beyond, cooling temperatures closer to normal August readings (highs in the lower 90s and lows in the upper 60s). However, one can only speculate if the hot weather will return for the end of august, since weather models only forecast 7 to 10 days out. 

This weather story will likey be updated by this coming weekend with updated statistics.

The graph below illustrates the top-ten warmest June 1st-August 8th periods on record for Wichita. 


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