Warmest Spring in Over 120 Years! (7/23/2012)

By: NWS Wichita

Wichita's Warmest Spring on Record!


After experiencing the 5th warmest winter on record, with a three month average temperature of 38.4 degrees from December 1st to February 29th, Wichita went on to witness the warmest spring in the city`s 124-year climate history. Wichita`s average temperature from March 1st to May 31st, which is considered meteorological spring, was 64.4 degrees.
This torched the previous record of 59.9 degrees, recorded in 2006, by an amazing 4.5 degrees. The 64.4 degree average is an amazing 8.2 degrees above the 56.2 degree normal for spring.

By experiencing the 2nd warmest March on record with an average of 57.9 degrees, the 5th warmest April with an average of 62.5 degrees, and the 2nd warmest May with an average of 72.8 degrees, it marked the 1st time the average temperature for each of the spring months was warm enough to gain admission into the "10 warmest fraternity".

All of the above statistics have combined to make the first 5 months of 2012 the warmest on record. From January 1st to May 31st, the average temperature in the air capital was 54.5 degrees. This is 2.4 degrees warmer than the previous record of 52.1 degrees set in 2006. If this torrid pace is maintained, then 2012 would become the warmest year in

the city`s 124-year climate record. The following lists the 10 warmest years on record. The 2nd column represents the average temperature from January 1st to May 31st for each respective year.


1ST:  60.1 IN 1954 48.5
2ND:  59.9 IN 1933 50.1 (9TH WARMEST)
3RD:  59.7 IN 1934 49.5 (TIED FOR 14TH; 1934 & 1967
4TH:  59.5 IN 2006 52.1 (2ND WARMEST)
5TH:  59.4 IN 1939 48.9
6TH:  59.3 IN 1946 51.2 (4TH WARMEST)
7TH:  59.3 IN 1938 49.7 (TIED FOR 11TH: 2000, 1981 & 1938)
8TH:  59.3 IN 1931 47.9
9TH:  59.2 IN 1921 51.4 (3RD WARMEST)
10TH: 58.9 IN 1998 48.2
2012: *54.5*

 The warmth was not confined just to the Kansas region.  Much of the United States experienced one of the warmest Spring's and May's on record.  Please refer to the following link from the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) for more details:




Below is a graphical representation of Wichita's warm temperatures thus far in 2012.


Wichita's Top-Ten Warmest March-May Periods Wichita's Top-Ten Warmest January-May Periods
Wichita's Top-Ten Warmest May's

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