Live Talk Show Video Clips - 2005

Lead Meteorologist Kevin Darmofal, and Meteorologists Robb Lawson and Andy Kleinsasser conducted a live weather radio talk show in March 2005. Below are the video clips of the talk show. Note: Some of these files are quite large...a high speed Internet connection is highly recommended.

Entire Talk Show The Entire talk show in one file (~227 MB)
Introduction The meteorologists introduce themselves (~22 MB)
Video Clip #1 About Theta-E (~22 MB)
Video Clip #2 On Lightning (~13 MB)
Video Clip #3 Dewpoint Question (~11 MB)
Video Clip #4 How the three hosts got interested in weather (~20 MB)
Video Clip #5 Question on storm chasing (~29 MB)
Video Clip #6 Jobs in Weather (~14 MB)
Video Clip #7 Meteorlology Schools (~11 MB)
Video Clip #8 Tornado Ingredients (~23 MB)
Video Clip #9 The kind of weather we enjoy working (~19 MB)
Video Clip #10 Conclusion and a recap of last year's big storm events (~43 MB) is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.