Christian and Shelby County Tornadoes of April 2, 2006

Taylorville tornado track Tornado 1:  Taylorville

A tornado developed 6 miles west-southwest of Taylorville, around 6:08 pm.  The tornado moved to the northeast, damaging sheds and downing trees.  The tornado entered Taylorville around Spresser St. at the west edge of town, around 6:12 pm.  Damage was done to 4 businesses, with major roof damage at the Ace Hardware store.  The tornado moved through residential areas of Taylorville, north of Spresser St. and southwest of Springfield Rd.  Trees were snapped and uprooted, roofs were damaged, and carports destroyed.  The tornado then crossed Springfield Rd., just southeast of Lincoln Ave.  Damage was done to part of the roof, garage and trees at the Taylorville Christian Church.  There was one minor injury at the church, due to falling debris.  The tornado dissipated about 1/2 mile northeast of the church around 6:16 pm.

The tornado produced F1 damage along the eastern third of the track, and was on the ground for 6.3 miles.  Maximum width was 300 yards.


Pana tornado track  Tornado #2:  Pana

A tornado touched down in extreme western Shelby County, 3 miles north-northwest of Oconee, around 6:13 pm.  This particular storm had produced an F2 tornado across Montgomery County

This new tornado moved northeast and ripped the roof off a shed, and blew another shed across the field.  The tornado crossed into extrems southeast Christian County, about 3 miles southwest of Pana, around 6:15 pm.  The tornado damaged numerous trees as it moved into the southeast part of Pana.  The tornado did minor damage to roofs on the southeast and east side of Pana.  It crossed U.S. highway 51 and state route 16, near north 2500E Road.  It dissipated around 6:20 pm, one mile east-northeast of Pana.

The tornado produced F1 damage, and was on the ground for 5.5 miles.


Assumption tornado  Tornado #3:  Assumption

A brief tornado touchdown occurred on the east side of Assumption around 6:20 pm.  It damaged trees, the roof at the Sloan Implement Company, and a door at the Kuhle Ford dealership.  The tornado was on the ground for about 1 mile, and produced F1 damage.  The maximum width was 100 yards.  The tornado dissipated around 6:21 pm. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.