Logan County Tornadoes of April 2, 2006

Logan County tornado tracks

Two tornadoes touched down in Logan County.

The northern tornado touched down 2.5 miles southeast of Lincoln, at 6:32 pm.  It moved northeast, and then lifted 3 miles southeast of Lincoln, at 6:33 pm.  The path length of this tornado was 1 mile, with a width of 80 yards.  It was rated at intensity F0, producing winds of 60 to 70 mph.  This storm damaged a barn, blew down a large tree, and damaged a grain storage bin.  Some ground scouring was found in the track.  An eyewitness saw the tornado.

The southern tornado touched down 1.25 miles west-southwest of Chestnut, at 6:36 pm.  This storm moved northeast, and lifted 1.25 miles north of Chestnut at 6:39 pm.  The path length was 2.5 miles, with a width of 50 yards.  It was rated as intensity F0, producing winds of 60-70 mph.  Damage from this tornado consisted of roof damage to several barns, with a few trees down, and shingle damage to several homes.


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