Sangamon County Tornadoes of April 2, 2006

Sangamon County Tornadoes of 4/2/2006

A total of 7 tornadoes have been identified in Sangamon County, from the April 2 outbreak.

Tornado #1 touched down 4 miles southwest of Loami, near the intersection of Waverly Rd and Campbell Cemetery Rd, at 5:46 pm.  It was on the ground for a half mile, lifting around 5:48 pm.  The tornado was about 200 yards wide, and was rated at F1 with 80 mph winds.  It knocked down 12 power poles and several large trees.  Other straight-line wind damage accompanied the storm father northeast, after the tornado dissipated.  The wind damage was mainly to trees.

Tornado #2 formed just north of Berlin at 5:46 pm.  It was on the ground for 4 minutes.  It touched down just northwest of the intersection of Spring Creek Road and Old Jacksonville Road.  It did weak F1 damage to a pole barn, and knocked a tree into a home.  The tornado continued northeast, to South Wake Road, and created stronger F1 damage, with estimated 100 mph winds.  It completely destroyed a grain bin and a pole barn, with numerous 12 to 18 inch diameter trees splintered off at various heights.  Near the end of the tornado track, a pole barn had its main door blown in, and half of the roof completely destroyed.

Tornado #3 occurred 2 miles north of Chatham.  It was on the ground for 1 mile, and lasted from 5:56 to 5:59 pm.  It touched down 1/2 mile southwest of the intersection of Illinois 4 and Mansion Road.  It removed roofing material from several new construction homes in that area.  From that intersection, to 1/2 mile to the northeast, it caused roof damage to several homes, and was rated as F1 intensity, with winds around 80 mph.

Tornado #4 occurred on the southwest side of Springfield.  It touched down near Leath Furniture on Wabash Ave at 5:58 pm.  It blew in a delivery door and an outer wall on the southwest side of the store.  It continued across southwest Springfield, and damaged the roof of the Lowe's store, blew down light poles in the parking lot, and knocked over a tall storage shelving unit in the garden area.  It lifted near White Oaks Mall around 6:01 pm.  The damage was rated at F1, with winds around 80 mph.

Tornado #5 touched down 2 miles southwest of Pawnee at 5:59 pm.  It moved northeast and lifted 0.75 miles south of Pawnee around 6:00 pm.  The path length was 1.25 miles, with a width of 50 yards.  It was rated at F0 intensity, with winds around 70 mph.  This tornado destroyed 3 grain bins and blew them a quarter mile away.  It also damaged 3 barns and blew down a number of trees.  An eyewitness saw this tornado.

Tornado #6 touched down on the southeast side of Springfield, near the intersection of Ash Street and Dirksen Parkway, at 6:06 pm.  It moved northeast and caused F1 damage (80 mph) to the roof of the Illinois Department of Transportation building.  An eyewitness saw this tornado cross I-55.  It dissipated around 6:08 pm before reaching the Lost Bridge Trail.

Tornado #7 occurred on the south side of Riverton, just east of the Oaks Golf Course.  It lasted from 6:13 to 6:16 pm. and was on the ground for 1.5 miles.  It touched down just west of the Lincoln Place Trailer Court, and created strong F1 damage to 8 mobile homes, with winds estimated at 110 mph.  One injury occurred when a woman exited her mobile home, and was blown into an adjacent home.  She was treated and released at a local hospital.  Several homes were completely destroyed, and 30 others were moved enough to sever gas and sewer connections.  Numerous large trees were shredded, and numerous airborne missiles were embedded into the downwind sides of the homes.  The tornado continued northeast out of the trailer court, across Oak Crest Road, and produced tree damage until a quarter mile past the Sangamon River. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.