Lawrence County Tornadoes, 1950 to 2013

Lawrence County Tornadoes Since 1950

9 TORNADOES were reported in Lawrence County, Illinois between 01/01/1950 and 12/31/2013.

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Property Damage
Crop Damage
Location or County Date Time (CST) Type Mag Dth Inj PrD CrD
Pinkstaff 02/25/1956 02:33 AM Tornado F2 0 2 2.5M 0
2 Birds 08/18/1956 08:00 AM Tornado F1 0 0 N/A N/A
Lawrenceville 04/03/1956 02:30 PM Tornado F2 0 0 25K 0
Sumner 05/03/1958 03:35 PM Tornado F1 0 1 25K 0
St Francisville 04/19/1963 02:55 PM Tornado F3 0 10 250K 0
Lawrenceville 05/06/1971 09:07 AM Tornado F2 0 0 25K 0
Bridgeport 04/01/1974 04:17 PM Tornado F3 0 0 25K 0
Pinkstaff 06/02/1990 05:45 PM Tornado F2 0 1 250K 0
Lawrenceville Airport 03/08/2009 12:43 PM Tornado EF1 0 1 305K 0
TOTALS: 0 14 3.4M 0



  1. 2/25/1956:  This tornado developed near Olney (Richland County), moving 20 miles before lifting in northern Lawrence County east of Pinkstaff.  The worst damage was at Pinkstaff.
  2. 8/18/1956:  This tornado originally touched down just southwest of Olney, then moved northeast across northern Lawrence County.
  3. 4/3/1956:  This tornado destroyed a large building at a sawmill near Lawrenceville, damaged a concrete building, and blew the windows out of several houses.  The tornado was on the ground for 3 miles.
  4. 5/3/1958: This tornado was on the ground for 3 miles.  Damaged 2 farmsteads 7 miles southeast of Sumner.
  5. 4/19/1963:  This tornado touched down 7 miles southwest of St. Francisville in Wabash County, then clipped extreme southeast Lawrence County before moving into Indiana.  Ten people were injured overall in Illinois, with 100 buildings damaged or destroyed.
  6. 5/6/1971: This tornado touched down 6 miles south of Lawrenceville, destroying several farm buildings.
  7. 4/1/1974: This tornado first hit Bridgeport, destroying a bus barn and damaging a few houses.  It lifted briefly, then touched down again on the north side of Lawrenceville, damaging two mobile homes.
  8. 6/2/1990: Touched down near Pinkstaff and moved northeast.  A farm was destroyed; one person was injured when a tractor was dropped on his leg.  The tornado briefly lifted as it crossed the Wabash River, then touched down again in Knox County, Indiana.
  9. 3/8/2009:  Touched down 1 mile northeast of Lawrenceville-Vincennes International Airport, then moved northeast near Russellville, before crossing the Wabash River into Indiana.  20 irrigation units were destroyed.  Numerous outbuildings, as well as one home, were damaged by the tornado.   One person had minor injuries due to flying debris. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.