Cooperative Observer Program

The National Weather Service office in Lincoln operates a network of over 100 cooperative weather observers. These observers, most of whom volunteer their services, take daily observations of temperature, precipitation, or river levels. These observations are used by the local NWS forecasters, the River Forecast Centers in Minneapolis and Wilmington OH, and the media. They are also archived at the National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, North Carolina, and are important in studying the long-term climate of the area.

The Lincoln NWS personnel that assist with the cooperative observation program are:

  • Billy Ousley is the office Data Acquisition Program Manager (DAPM). His job is to oversee and guide the entire program. He also assists in establishing new stations.
  • Darrin Hansing (Service Hydrologist) assists with the hydrological (river forecasting) aspects of the program. He works with River Forecast Centers to make sure needed river and precipitation stations are operating, and the data is of high quality.
  • Amanda Wertz (Meteorologist Intern) maintains the database of stations, notifying offices of changes in stations or establishment of new stations.
  • Eric Laufenberg (Meteorologist Intern) assists in quality control of the monthly observation forms, contacting observers for corrections or clarifications.
  • John Parr (HydroMeteorological Technician) assists with station maintenance, and quality control of the monthly observation forms.
  • Chuck Schaffer (Meteorologist Intern) quality controls the observer data, and works with the National Climatic Data Center on corrections or clarifications.

Cooperative Observer Program Topics:
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Cooperative Observer Program Topics:
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