Central Illinois Tornadoes on May 30, 2003

During the evening of May 30, several supercell thunderstorms moved across Woodford, McLean, Tazewell, Mason, Logan, and De Witt Counties.  Several tornadoes were generated by these supercells.  Survey results will be posted here as they become available.

Tornado tracks across Logan and DeWitt Counties
Logan and De Witt Counties (click image to enlarge)

NWS and ESDA surveys indicated that four tornadoes touched down across these two counties.

A brief tornado formed between Emden and Hartsburg, as the parent thunderstorm moved southeast.  This tornado resulted in only minor tree and power line damage. It lasted only 3 minutes, touching down at 8:22 PM and lifting around 8:25 PM.  It was seen by several spotters.  The intensity ranking was F0, with winds around 70 mph.

A second tornado developed around 8:28 PM, and dissipated around 8:33 PM.  This tornado touched down 3 miles north of Lincoln, and was seen by spotters as well as from the NWS office.  The intensity ranking was F0, with winds around 70 mph.

The third tornado touched down about 5 miles north of Lincoln, again observed by NWS staff.  It moved southeast, crossing I-55 near Lawndale.  It crossed the Logan/De Witt County line about 3 miles east northeast of Beason, and lifted about 3/4 mile southwest of Hallsville around 8:51 PM.  This tornado was rated as F1 intensity (100 mph) initially with a width of 400 yards.  After crossing I-55, it strengthened to F2 intensity (130 mph), when it was about 1/2 mile wide.  It weakened back to F1 intensity as it approached the De Witt County border (300 yards wide).  This tornado traveled 14 miles, 11 of them in Logan County and 3 in De Witt County.

The fourth tornado touched down on the east side of Hallsville at 8:51 PM.  It initially was 500 yards wide, and of F2 strength (120 mph).  It grew to between 1/2 and 3/4 miles wide as it headed for Clinton.  The tornado caused F2 damage (140 mph) as it moved across the south side of  Clinton, destroying several businesses and causing damage to a few dozen buildings.  It finally lifted around 9:15 PM as it weakened to F0 intensity (70 mph, 200 yards wide) in Weldon Spring State Park, about 3-1/2 miles southeast of Clinton.  This tornado was on the ground for 10 miles.

Four minor injuries were reported in Hallsville.

Tornado track across Mason and Tazewell Counties
Mason and Tazewell Counties (click image to enlarge)

ESDA personnel surveyed a tornado that went across northern Mason and southwest Tazewell Counties.

The tornado first touched down in the Sand Ridge State Forest around 7:56 PM.  It moved southeast and affected the southern part of Forest City.  Just outside of Forest City, a trailer was destroyed, as well as several outbuildings on a farm.  The tornado continued to cause damage to power lines, trees, irrigation systems, and outbuildings as it moved southeast into Tazewell County.  The tornado weakened as it approached Shay Rd (1400E), and finally lifted around 8:15 PM near Towerline Rd and Armington Rd, about 2 miles north of San Jose.  Maximum intensity was F1, with winds around 100 mph, and was 200 yards wide at its peak.  The tornado was on the ground for about 14 miles.

No injuries were reported in Mason or Tazewell Counties.

Tornado track across Woodford County
Woodford County (click image to enlarge)

ESDA personnel surveyed a tornado which moved across Woodford County.

The tornado touched down approximately 2 miles east of Cazenovia, near the intersection of county roads 1305E and 1800N, around 7:53 PM.  The tornado moved southeast, and caused  F2 strength damage for the first 1.5 miles, to about 1700N road and midway between 1400E and 1500E.  Damage occurred to several houses, farm buildings and machinery, trees, and an airplane.  From this point, the tornado caused scattered F0 damage southeastward, before finally dissipating about 1 mile southeast of Roanoke around 8:10 PM.  Total path length was about 7.5 miles.

No injuries were reported in Woodford County.

Damage to a garage southeast of Lawndale
Southeast of Lawndale
Double-wide trailer overturned and destroyed
Northwest of Beason

DeWitt County
Crumpled electrical tower
DeWitt County
Tornado west of Roanoke
Northwest of Roanoke (photo by Mike Oltman)
Tornado northwest of Roanoke
Northwest of Roanoke (photo by Scott Olthoff)
Tornado damage northwest of Roanoke
Northwest of Roanoke (photo by Mike Oltman)

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