Do you have a weather picture from central or southeast Illinois that you would like to share?  The National Weather Service in Lincoln is looking for pictures that represent the various weather extremes that occur over our County Warning Area (in an area generally bounded by Galesburg, Danville, Lawrenceville, and Jacksonville; click on the link for a map).  If you are interested in participating in our photo gallery, please send your photo to the Webmaster at

All pictures must be in a digital format (jpeg, gif, or png image).  We would prefer that images be kept to a maximum size of 1024 x 768 pixels.  We also ask you to include the date and nearest city of the weather event captured on film. If you'd like your name included, please provide that as well. Thanks for participating!

All photos used with permission of the photographer.

Cloud Formations:
Thunderhead over Douglas County, 
			as seen from Rantoul, July 2005.  Photo by Shane Csiki. Towering cumulus cloud near 
			Macon, 5/23/2004.  Photo by Paul Hadfield. Clouds illumuniated by sunset 
			at the Lincoln NWS office, 6/5/2005.  Photo by Chris Geelhart, NWS. Thunderstorm near 
			Decatur, 6/4/2004.  Photo by Paul Hadfield.  Cumulonimbus clouds near 
			Decatur, 5/23/2004.  Photo by Bill Nowlin.  Developing supercell near 
			Springfield, 3/30/2005.  Photo by Mike Ley.

Cumulonimbus cloud seen from 
			Champaign County, 6/14/2001.  Photo by Andrew Ziegler. Building thunderstorms near Decatur.  Photo by Paul Hadfield. Building thunderstorms near Decatur, 6/30/2006.  Photo by Paul Hadfield. Cumulonimbus cloud north of Flora, 4/16/2006.  Photo by Alan Huff. Building cumulonimbus clouds across southern Macon County, 4/7/2006.  Photo by Paul Hadfield. Shelf cloud southwest of Decatur, 4/7/2006.  Photo by Paul Hadfield. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.
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