Fisher & Porter Rain Gage


Fischer & Porter Rebuild-D

Pictured above are interior views of Fischer & Porter rain gauges.  The gauge on the left is the original, electromechanical type that has been in use since the early 1960's.  A timer triggers a motor to advance and punch a paper tape every 15 minutes, with a precipitation amount resolution to the nearest tenth of an inch.  This style gauge is currently being replaced by a mostly electronic version (pictured above right) that uses a solid state recorder, recording precipitation to the nearest hundredth of an inch each minute.

The new gauges are more reliable and the data can easily be downloaded and e-mailed to the National Weather Service (NWS)...compared to the paper tapes that must be mailed through the USPS then scanned with a reader that is no longer manufactured.  In some cases, the data from gauges are used in real-time via use of a modem and dedicated telephone line.  These telephone line connected gauges can be set to call the NWS when precipitation exceeds a set value, and can also be called by the NWS for manual interrogation.

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