Dave Simmons - 10 Years of Service Award



April 8, 2002

The National Weather Service (NWS) presented David Simmons of Alexandria with a 10 Year Length of Service Award.

Mr. Simmons measures and records precipitation on a daily basis at his home 2 miles north of Alexandria. The precipitation reports are sent to the NWS computer system via telephone. Equipment is provided by the NWS. Official forms are completed by Mr. Simmons and mailed for publication. Observations are taken at 6AM daily. Dave also reports severe weather information as it affects the Alexandria area.

The NWS appreciates the efforts of Dave Simmons for the last 10 years and looks forward to continued observations in the years ahead.

Pictured from left to right are Al Shipe, Service Hydrologist (IND), Dave Simmons, Roger Kenyon, Hydro-Meteorological Technician (IND).


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