Central Indiana Weather Events Archive

Tornado on the southwest side of Indianapolis on May 30, 2004 as seen from between Exits 7 and 8 on Interstate 465.  Photo courtesy of Chris and Becky Kuhlman.

Significant Events

Notable Central Indiana Ice Storms
March 1913 Flood , Williams Dam Historical Photos (Large File)
April 11, 1965 Palm Sunday Tornado Outbreak
April 3, 1974 Super Outbreak 
April 3, 1974 Super Outbreak Poster
Blizzard of 1978 
October 1989 Snow Event
June 2, 1990 Tornado Outbreak
November 22, 1992 Tornado Outbreak
January 1994 Record Cold
September 20, 2002 Tornado Outbreak
May 30, 2004 Tornado Outbreak
May 30 - June 9, 2008 Tornadoes, Record Flooding
Hot and Dry Summer 2012
November 17, 2013 Tornado Outbreak

Below are summaries for 2010-Present. The years 2003-2009 have been moved to their own page.


January 11-12 ice
January 6 Snow


October 7 Severe Storms and Putnam County Tornado
September 10 Severe Storms
Severe Weather and Heavy Rains of August
Record Cold July
July 1 Severe Storms
June 24 Tornadoes
May 21-22 Severe Storms and Heavy Rain
May 11 Severe Storms
February 20 Severe Thunderstorms and 2 Tornadoes
February 14 Snowfall
February 4-5 Snowfall
Cold and Snowy January
January 5 Heavy Snow and Subsequent Cold



December 20-21 Heavy Rain and Subsequent Flooding
December 5-6 Snowfall
November 17, 2013 Tornado Outbreak
October 31 Severe Weather and Heavy Rain
July 10 Severe Weather and Heavy Rain
June 23-26 Severe Weather and Heavy Rain
May 9 Vigo County Tornadoes
April 19 Heavy Rain and Flooding
April 10 Severe Storms
March 24-25 Heavy Snow
March 5-6 Snowfall
January 30 Severe Storms and Falling Temperatures



December 26 Winter Storm / Blizzard
September 7 Severe Storms and Heavy Rain
Remnants of Hurricane Isaac Bring Heavy Rain
August 9 Severe Storms
Hot and Dry Summer 2012
May 1 2012, 3 Tornadoes and other severe
Record Warm March
March 2 Severe Storms
January 23 Severe Storms
January 20-21 Snow, Sleet, and Freezing rain


November 29 snowfall
October 24 display of the Northern Lights
September 26 Jennings County Tornado
August 13 Severe Storms
July-August Heat Wave, Record Breaking July
June 20 Severe Storms and Flooding
June 4 Severe Storms
May 25 Severe Weather Outbreak
May Large Hail Events (Prior to May 25)
April-Early May Heavy Rains and Flooding
April 23 Jackson County Tornado
April 19: 3 Tornadoes, Widespread Wind Damage
February 27-28: Tornado, Severe Weather, and Flooding
February 5: 3 to 5 inches of snow fall across Central Indiana
January 31 to February 2: Freezing rain, sleet, and snow impact Central Indiana
January 20: 2 to 5 inches of snow fall across Central Indiana
January 11: 3 to 5 inches of snow fall across Central Indiana


December 4: Up to 7 inches of snow falls across Central Indiana
October 26: Howard County Tornado, Widespread Wind Damage
July 22: Johnson County Landspout Tornado
July 20: Johnson County Tornado (near Trafalgar)
June 12-22: Periods of Severe Storms and Flooding
June 6 Carroll County Tornadoes
April 5 Severe Storms
February 15 Snow
February 9 Snow and Wind
February 5 Snow and Wind


More Events and Pictures will be added from time to time

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