Charlie Meyer - 30 Year Service Award



Charlie Meyer of Bowling Green is part of an elite group of weather observers known as the "Cooperative Weather Observer Network". A 30 Year Length of Service Award was presented to Charlie by Phil Gray and Albert P. Shipe, of the National Weather Service in Indianapolis. Charlie has been collecting and recording precipitation readings since March of 1976, continuing the long line of observations which date back over 50 years.

His daily readings are relayed to the NWS office at Indianapolis via telephone and his monthly data is mailed to the NWS and is used to assist the NWS by providing a historical record of rainfall for the Bowling Green area. Weather observations are very important to the mission of the National Weather Service. Over 11,000 volunteers record weather data every day throughout the nation and have provided a data base from which climatic summaries have been compiled. This data is used extensively in science, technology and engineering.

Data from the cooperative station at the Bowling Green is published in the Climatological Data for Indiana and Hourly Precipitation Data for Indiana.

Congratulations to Charlie Meyer from the National Weather Service for 30 years of dedicated service!



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