"Into each life a little rain must fall, some days must be dark and dreary"
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 1842

Please note that our previous severe weather form had to be taken down. However, please send your information via email or phone, as we appreciate any reports we receive.

If you know of severe weather that has occurred, or caused damage recently in central Indiana, we would like to hear from you. Please be as specific as possible as to location and your storm account.

Please note: Current or very recent (in the past hour) reports of severe weather should be made to your local law enforcement agency for relay to the National Weather Service.


Contact Info  

All information is voluntary. Please include both your email address and phone number, so we can contact you in case we need clarification or additional information on any severe weather event. Data submitted without any contact information may not be processed. Thank You! Privacy Statement

Using the table below as a guide, please send us information on the type of weather you are reporting.
You need only to include information relevent to the type of weather occurring:


Rotating Feature:
(Tornado, Funnel Cloud, Wall Cloud)
Please Describe Clearly What You Observed:
Thunderstorm Wind Gust Speed:
Was this Measured or Estimated?:
Hail Hail size (inches):
Rain Report Amount:

per Hours or minutes
Flooding Please Describe Clearly What You Observed
High Wind Speed:
Was this Measured or Estimated?:
Dense Fog Visibility:
Snowfall ?? inches in ?? hours
?? inches on the ground as of ???? am/pm
Storm Total Snowfall

?? inches

from?? (time) ?? (date)

to ?? (time) ?? (date)


Freezing rain accumulation ?? inch (es)

Sleet accumulation ?? inch (es)

Precipitation Changeover Precipitation Changed FROM ????  

 TO ????  at what time ?

Description / Additional Info Please expand on the information above. Describe any damage (tree, power line, structural), water depth of flooding, blowing/drifting snow, or injuries /deaths.

If you have any pictures of severe weather or damage, please send them to us. Our e-mail address  is:

 w-ind.webmaster 'at'  (please replace 'at' with the @ symbol)

Disclaimer: NONE of the personal information placed on this form shall be given to any outside agencies or businesses. It will be used SPECIFICALLY for return phone calls or verification of reports!

Note: If you need to or would rather contact us via phone regarding severe weather, our number is 317-856-0359. Thank You for your report!

For more information on severe storm and tornado spotting, check out the NWS's Basic Spotters' Field Guide.

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