June 6 Severe Storms

A line of severe thunderstorms moved across parts of Central Indiana during the afternoon of June 6. This line brought winds of around 80 mph to parts of the area. Below are some pictures of the damage from the storms as well as a few radar images (click image to enlarge):

 Montgomery Co. Damage - Click to Enlarge  Delaware Co. Damage - Click to Enlarge  Delaware Co. Shelf Cloud - Click to Enlarge

Montgomery County

Delaware County

Shelf Cloud seen in Delaware County


 Reflectivity Image  Velocity Image
Reflectivity Image at 6:31 PM EDT Velocity Image at 6:31 PM
 Reflectivity Image 2  Velocity Image 2
Reflectivity Image at 7:18 PM EDT Velocity Image at 7:18 PM

In the velocity images above, blue and green colors indicate air moving toward the radar, while the brown and yellow colors indicate air moving away from the radar. The radar is to the southeast in the top image and to the south in the lower image. In the top velocity image, values in Montgomery county were around 80 mph at around 2500 feet above the ground. In the bottom velocity image, values in southern Tipton and northern Hamilton county were greater than 60 mph.

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