Wilborne Stamper - 10 Years of Service Award



The National Weather Service (NWS) recently honored Wilborne Stamper, cooperative weather observer, with a 10 year Length of Service Award.

Mr. Stamper routinely records and reports daily amounts of precipitation from official NWS equipment located at his home near New Castle.

A cooperative weather station was first established at New Castle in December of 1949. Mr. Stamper took over the responsibility of logging and reporting rainfall information June 1, 1992. Mr. Stamper is also a member of the amateur radio operators "Wetnet" and has reported rainfall daily since the Fall of 1980. Wilborne Stamper has aided the NWS with rainfall amounts for over 30 years. This information has a strong positive effect in our ability to forecast the rivers and streams in Indiana.

The NWS applauds the efforts of Wilborne Stamper and looks forward to many more years of faithful service.


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