Ever wonder where all the data which is sent to us each day and at the end of the month goes? Ever wonder how you can view it or get a copy?


The data supplied to the National Weather Service by Cooperative Observers is sent to our archive center, the National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, North Carolina.


The data is checked, archived and published for public review. The forms and charts sent in each month are reviewed by personnel here at the local weather service office in Indianapolis before being submitted to the archive center. In the past the data was again reviewed and the information logged into a computer by hand. Forms and charts are now electronically scanned with computers reading the data entries.


The computer then does the final checks, and compares the individual station data with surrounding stations to ensure the data is within set tolerances. Data beyond these levels is discarded by the computer. This process has been deemed the best practice to keep the data as unbiased as possible. Human error and equipment problems are generally the culprit for erroneous data.


In an effort to help eliminate errors even further, we are incorporating new way's to log station data. Computer spreadsheets are now available for observers to use which can then be emailed to us at the end of each month.


As computers become more involved in reading the scanned forms, the legibility of the forms becomes an increasingly important issue. Forms prepared by a computer and emailed have proven to be easier to read, less mutilated by the postal service and received in a very timely manner.


The actual forms prepared by observers can now be viewed from the archive center. Data compiled from the form can also be accessed and the published version of data for the entire state can also be obtained.


These reports are now available to you on the WEB for the very low cost of FREE !!!!


As a cooperative observer, we want you to be able to review your hard work.


With a simple USERNAME and PASSWORD you can go to the website listed below and access the data from your own computer.


The website for the National Climate Data Center is:

Click on the item you wish to check (i.e. Climatological Data, CD).

If you clicked on CD it will take you to the CD page.

In the 3rd paragraph down you will see

"Free access by certain agencies and Individuals"

Click on this paragraph.

You will be asked for your USERNAME and PASSWORD.

These will be supplied to you on an individual basis, please call or email


317-856-0361 ext 327 or

The Climatological Data Publications page will be displayed with a list of each state.

Select Indiana


You will now see "Index of /pdfs/cd/indiana"


You will see a list of each year available.


When you select the year you will be shown a list of months/annual available. generally takes about 4-6 months to see the data published. You also will need Adobe Acrobat to view the files, which can be downloaded for free on the website.

Happy viewing...


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