PATH LENGTH: 1.7 miles



START TIME: Estimated around 3:48 PM EST

END TIME: Estimated around 3:50 PM EST

LOCATION: Touchdown occurred in an open field 1.6 miles south-southeast of Oswego and lifted just east of Oswego.

DESCRIPTION: A survey of damage southwest of Oswego by a NWS Survey team revealed that a EF1 tornado produced damage along a roughly 1.7 mile path. Touchdown occurred in a harvested field southwest of the intersection of County Roads 450 North and 250 East. Several segments of a center pivot were flipped in this area. The tornado continued northeast crossing County Road 450 North, severely damaging 7 power poles, which were either snapped or bent at more than a 45 degree angle. One pole had 3 large transformers for the center pivot on it, with these being pushed on to the roadway. The tornado then impacted the Pines subdivision, northeast of 450 North and 250 East. Two to three dozen healthy pine trees between 30 and 50 feet tall were snapped or uprooted (DI: TS DOD: 4). One house was impacted on both sides with the roof being penetrated. Two vehicles had trees fall onto them, crushing them. The tornado moved through the remainder of the subdivision and adjacent properties with varying degrees of mainly roof and tree damage. The last noted damage involved a home on County Road 300 East, just south of Rader Road where moderate roof damage occurred and a narrow path of trees snapped in an adjacent wooded area. The tornado lifted shortly after this point prior to crossing Armstrong Road. Maximum wind speeds with the tornado are estimated at 95 mph.

Radar Images

3:42 PM EST Reflectivity (Z)
& Storm Relative Velocity (SRV)
3:46 PM EST Reflectivity & SRV 3:51 PM EST Reflectivity & SRV

Damage Pictures



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