On May 27 in weather history...

1882 -- A tornado moved through farms three miles northwest of Monroeville, Indiana.

1911 -- In the midst of its worst May heat wave, Fort Wayne had its all-time hottest May temperature of 95°. Warsaw rose to 98°.

1921 -- A tornado moved from west of Osseo to near North Adams in Hillsdale County. Water from Twin Lakes was lifted 100 feet into the air.

1961 -- Fort Wayne's latest frost, with a low temperature of 31°.

1997 -- The Blanchard River at Ottawa crested at 26.5 feet at 2:00a.m., causing extensive flooding.

2004 -- A tornado may a path through Washington County Indiana, causing damage to homes. Same storms produced 1.25" hail.

2012 -- All-time May record high at South Bend is shattered with a scorching 97° which broke the old record of 95° set it 1942. All-time May record high at Fort Wayne was eclipsed with a scorching 96° which broke the old record of 95° set in 1911.

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