January 14-17, 2013 Snow and Ice Event
January 14-17 Snow and Ice Event

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Snow/Ice Accumulation Maps

Highest reported ice totals January 14th through the morning of January 16th and snow accumulation totals from the evening of January 16th through January 17th(right). Click to enlarge.

Ice Accumulation Map
Ice Accumulation Map
Snow Accumulation Map
Snow Accumulation Map

There were two main bouts of freezing rain causing icing over portions of northeast Louisiana, southeast Arkansas, and northwestern portions of central Mississippi - one during the daytime hours of January 14th and another during the daytime and evening hours of January 15th. In many areas, temperatures remained below freezing during this entire time period, and thus, there was no melting between the two icing events. The above ice accumulation map represents the greatest reported storm total ice accumulation at any given location, which for some locations includes cumulative amounts over the 2 to 3 day period. The greatest accumulation amounts of around or just above 1/2" of ice were in a corridor from near Bastrop, LA to Cleveland, MS. Most icing occurred on elevated surfaces, such as trees and other vegetation, cars, utility lines, and bridges. However, there was also some icing on roadways, causing several traffic accidents.

Snowfall totals were generally around 2-3" from the I-55 corridor between Grenada and Jackson eastward to the Alabama state line. Because of the nature of this system, there were multiple heavier north-to-south oriented snow bands, creating great variations in snow accumulations over short distances. For instance, there were snow accumulation amounts as great as 3.5" along the Pearl River in the Jackson area, while accumulations of as little as 1" were reported just to the west in Raymond and as little as 1.5" just to the east in Goshen Springs. The greatest reported snowfall accumulation in the NWS Jackson forecast area occurred under a heavier snow band over portions of Webster, Choctaw, western Clay, and western Oktibbeha counties. 6 inches of snow was reported just to the east of Ackerman. Conditions along Highway 82 were very treacherous in this area.


Winter Weather Reports

Local Storm Reports of snow and ice received between January 14th and 17th, 2013.

Winter Weather Reports Map


Ice Pictures

- Ice Accumulation near Greenville , MS(courtesy of Sarah Kramer and Bill Johnson of Delta Democrat Times):

Greenville Ice Greenville Ice

- Ice Accumulation near Greenville, MS (courtesy of WABG):

Greenville Ice

- Ice Accumulation in Arkansas (Eudora on left and Hamburg on right):

Eudora Ice Hamburg Ice

 - Ice Accumulation near Winona, MS:

Winona Ice Winona Ice Winona Ice
Winona Ice Winona Ice

- Ice Accumulation in Yazoo City, MS (courtesy of WLBT):

Yazoo City Ice

 - Ice Accumulation in Flora, MS:

Flora Ice

 - Ice Accumulation in Ackerman, MS:

Ackerman Ice

 - Ice Accumulation in Indianola, MS (courtesy of Jim Whitfield):

Indianola Ice

 - Ice Accumulation in Leland, MS (courtesy of Sammy Lemonis ):

Leland Ice

 - Ice Accumulation in Duncan, MS(courtesy of Thad Watts ):

Duncan Ice Duncan Ice
Duncan Ice Duncan Ice


Snow Pictures


- Snow Accumulation in Jackson, MS (courtesy of Brianna Burse):

Jackson Snow Jackson Snow Jackson Snow

- Snow Accumulation in Bay Springs, MS (courtesy of Kimberly Wohlschied):

Bay Springs Snow

- Snow Accumulation in Columbus, MS (courtesy of Jenny Box):

Columbus Snow

- Snow Accumulation at Mississippi State University in Starkville, MS:

MSU Snow MSU Snow

- Snow Accumulation in Madison, MS (courtesy of Rachel Nix Ratliff):

Madison Snow

 - Snow Accumulation in Meridian, MS (courtesy of R. Ables):

Meridian snow

 - Snow Accumulation in Newton County, MS (courtesy of Robert Savell):

Newton County Snow Newton County Snow

 - Snow Accumulation in Ridgeland, MS:

Ridgeland Snow

 - Snow Accumulation in Winona, MS (courtesy of Jeff Summers(left) and TR Darsey(right)):

Winona Snow Winona Snow

 - Snow Accumulation near Florence, MS (courtesy of Mark Wilson):

Florence Snow Florence Snow

 - Snow Accumulation near Eupora, MS (courtesy of Sara Jackson):

Eupora Snow

 - Snow Accumulation near Madden, MS (courtesy of Robin M.):

Madden Snow

  - Snow Accumulation near Jackson, MS (courtesy of Michael Mann):

Jackson Snow

 - Snow Accumulation near Louisville, MS (courtesy of Kevin McCool):

Louisville Snow

 - Snow Accumulation near Starkville, MS (courtesy of Stan Dorrah):

Starkville Snow Starkville Snow

 - Snow Accumulation in Madison, MS (courtesy of Lisa Gerard):

Madison Snow Madison Snow Madison Snow

 - Snow Accumulation in Ackerman, MS (courtesy of James Bishop):

Ackerman Snow Ackerman Snow

 - Snow Accumulation at NWS Jackson office in Flowood, MS (courtesy of Daniel Lamb):

Flowood Snow Flowood Snow

 - Snow Accumulation at NWS Jackson office in Flowood, MS (courtesy of Dan Byrd):

Flowood Snow

Thank you to all those who submitted pictures. If you have snow, or icing pictures you would like to share, please e-mail us at: sr-jan.webmaster@noaa.gov


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