NWS Jackson, KY Product Descriptions
Severe Weather Information...
Tornado Warning (TOR) Issued when a tornado is imminent or occurring, based on radar or visual sightings. Typically issued for single counties or a small group of adjacent counties for 15 to 45 minutes in duration.
Severe Thunderstorm Warning (SVR) Issued when a severe thunderstorm, defined as a thunderstorm containing 1" or larger diameter hail and/or damaging winds in excess of 58 mph, is imminent or occurring. Typically issued for single counties or a small group of adjacent counties for 15 to 60 minutes in duration.
Severe Weather Statement (SVS) Issued as a follow-up to severe weather warnings. Used to relay urgent information about ongoing severe weather, such as damage reports and up-to-the-minute storm location updates. Also used to cancel or expire severe weather warnings.
Watch County Notification (WCN) Lists counties in the NWS Jackson, KY Forecast Area included in Severe Thunderstorm or Tornado Watches. Also communicates removal of counties and cancellation/expiration of watches.
Flash Flood Warning (FFW) Issued when flash flooding, caused by heavy rainfall rates or a dambreak, is imminent or occurring. Typically issued for single counties or a small group of adjacent counties for 2 to 6 hours in duration.
Flash Flood Statement (FFS) Issued as a follow-up to Flash Flood Warnings and contains the latest flooding reports and radar trends.
Flood Warning (FLW) Issued when river levels are expected to rise to potentially damaging levels. Flood warnings can also be used when overland flooding is expected to persist for many hours.
Flood Statement (FLS) Flood statements may be issued as a follow-up to Flood Warnings, or for high water in urban areas and along small streams (formerly the Urban and Small Stream Flood advisory).
Flood Watch (FFA) Issued when conditions are favorable for flooding during the next 36 hours.
Special Weather Statement (SPS) Provides information on upcoming hazardous weather events or near term events that, while not severe, may cause inconveniences to public and other interests.
Winter Weather Product (WSW) Provides watches, warnings, and advisories for winter precipitation events.
Non Precipitation Product (NPW) Provides watches, warnings, or advisories issued for a wide variety of hazardous weather phenomena, such as high winds, dense fog, extreme heat, or low wind chills.
Public Forecasts & Outlooks...
Hazardous Weather Outlook (HWO) Used for communicating the potential for hazardous weather and preparedness for spotter activation.
Short Term Forecast (NOW) An overview of weather trends during the next 1 to 6 hours. Normally issued only when precipitation or hazardous weather is occurring.
Zone Forecast Product (ZFP) A county-by-county forecast written in plain text for the next seven days. Includes any long-term watches, warnings, and advisories.
Regional Weather Summary (RWS) Issued twice daily around 4 AM and 4 PM LT, providing a brief weather summary and forecast for our local forecast area.
Area Forecast Discussion (AFD) A technical discussion of the meteorological reasoning behind the forecast.
Point Forecast Matricies (PFM) Point forecasts for selected locations for the next seven days in matrix format.
Area Forecast Matricies (AFM) An area averaged forecast for the next seven days in matrix format.
Coded Cities Forecast (CCF) A coded forecast for select cities in our forecast area. Information includes high and low temperatures, and 12-hour probability of precipitation.
Aviation Weather Forecasts...
Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF) An aviation forecast containing METAR-coded forecast data for a designated airport and it's immediate vicinity. Valid for 24 hours in duration, issued 4 times daily.


Fire Weather Forecasts...
Fire Weather Planning Forecast (FWF) Issued twice daily during the fire season, typically from Feb 1st thru May 15th and Oct 1st thru Dec 15th, and once daily otherwise. Contains weather elements of critical importance to fire managers, such as relative humidity, precipitation duration and amounts, smoke mixing heights, and transport winds.
Fire Weather Point Forecast (FWM) Issued daily during the fire season. Contains a coded forecast of weather elements critical to fire behavior for specific forest sites in our fire weather forecast area.
Fire Weather Watch/Red Flag Warning (RFW) Issued when extreme burning conditions are forecast, including very low relative humidity, strong winds, and dry forest fuels.
Climate Information...
Regional Temperature & Precipitation Summary (RTP) Details observed maximum and minimum temperatures and precipitation for select locations within our forecast area.
Supplemental Climate Data Observation (SCD) A coded message which includes details on cloud cover and precipitation measurements at the NWS Jackson, KY office.
Daily Climate Summary (CLI) Issued around 1 AM and 4 PM LT each day. Contains climatological observed values, along with normals, records, and monthly, seasonal, and yearly accumulations.
Preliminary Local Climate Data (CF6) A summary of the daily climate statistics for the current month for a location, updated daily.
Record Event Report (RER) Issued when a daily or monthly temperature or precipitation record has been tied or broken.
Monthly Weather Summary (CLM) Issued monthly. Contains climatological observed values for the month, along with normals, records, and monthly, seasonal, and yearly accumulations.
Seasonal Weather Summary (CLS) Issued seasonally. Contains climatological observed values for the meteorological season, along with normals, records, and accumulations.
Annual Weather Summary (CLA) Issued annually. Contains climatological observed values for the year, along with normals, records, and accumulations.
East Kentucky Hourly Weather Summary (RWR) Summary of hourly conditions from weather stations located in and around eastern Kentucky.
Supplemental Data Observation (SDO) A coded message sent only when certain weather events such as hail or ice pellets are observed at NWS Jackson, KY.
Other Surface Observation Product (OSO) A METAR observation from observing platform located on Black Mountain.
Local Storm Report (LSR) Used to disseminate weather information. Includes the time and date of the event, its location, and any other pertinent information.
Public Information Statement (PNS) Issued to inform the public of non-routine events of interest. May contain weather safety advice, observed rain or snowfall reports, or storm damage survey results.
Hydrologic Information & Forecasts...
Hydrologic Summary (RVA) Issued daily around 10 AM LT. Contains observed river stages and precipitation reports.
River and Lake Summary (RVD) Issued daily around 10 AM LT. Contains a three day river stage forecast for select locations in our hydrologic service area.
Hydrologic Outlook (ESF) Issued when conditions appear favorable for possible flooding from 36 hours and beyond in the future.
Drought Information Statement (DGT) Contains information and statistics on local drought conditions, if observed.
Radar Free Text Message (FTM) Used to inform other NWS offices, vendors and users of the WSR-88D data that the Jackson radar has experienced an outage, either planned or unexpected.
Civil Emergency Message (CEM) Issued at the request of an emergency manager when a large-scale evacuation or other public action is necessitated by a disaster, either man-made or natural.
Earthquake Activity Report (EQR) Contains information on earthquake activity in eastern Kentucky.

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