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Latest Weather Observations Around the Region
Location Time
Weather Vsby.
Chill (ºF)
Jackson, KY12:53Fair10+574360NW 3NA30.12
London, KY12:53Fair10+594458CalmNA30.12
Middlesboro, KY12:55Fair10+574461CalmNA30.12
Somerset, KY12:55Partly Cloudy10+594559CalmNA30.13
Monticello, KY12:56A Few Clouds10+624554E 6NA30.14
Danville, KY12:55Fair10+554363CalmNA30.13
Lexington, KY12:54Fair10+634348CalmNA30.12
Frankfort, KY12:53Fair10+584358CalmNA30.12
Bowling Green, KY12:53Overcast10+624146Vrbl 3NA30.14
Louisville, KY12:56Partly Cloudy10+624554S 6NA30.12
Covington, KY12:52Fair10+614046W 5NA30.10
Huntington, WV12:51Fair10+604456CalmNA30.10
Pineville, WV12:55Fair10+504894NANA30.16
Wise, VA12:55Fair10+544163N 5NA30.12
Tri-Cities, TN12:53Mostly Cloudy10+574462CalmNA30.10
Knoxville, TN12:53Partly Cloudy10+614454E 6NA30.08
Oak Ridge, TN12:53Fair10+624554CalmNA30.11
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Lexington Stanford Mt. Sterling, KY McKee, KY NWS Jackson, KY Pikeville Huntington Logan, WV
Lexington Stanford Mt. Sterling McKee NWS Jackson Pikeville Ashland Logan, WV
Glasgow Jamestown Richmond Somerset, KY I-75 near London, KY I-75 near London, KY Wise, VA Nora, VA
Cookeville, TN Jamestown Richmond Somerset I-75 23.5 MM South of Corbin I-75 near London, KY Wise, VA Nora, VA
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