When was the last 100° reading in North Platte?

The city of North Platte continues to move up the rankings in continuous days without a 100 degree reading.  The last time the city of North Platte ventured into triple digit territory was on August 3rd, 2008, ranking this current drought of triple digit temperatures 9th all time.  Or to put in another way, as of July 3, 2011, 1064 days have eclipsed since North Platte has endured a 100 degree reading.  In order to tie the all time record another 738 days must pass without a 100 degree reading, which is an additional two years and eight days.  

You may ask, where is the official observation recorded for the city of North Platte?  For those who do not know, the National Weather Service in North Platte is located just west of Lee Bird Field, but the official observation is taken from the Automated Surface Observing Station (ASOS) east of the airport terminal.  With the vast differences in albedo and heat storage capacity of the city compared to the relatively rural area near the airport, it is quite possible that within the city itself, a 100 degree reading has been observed.   For the record books however, the official observation from the airport is used.  

Only time will tell if this record will fall, but I'm guessing most of us hope that it does.  Please see the table and link provided below for further information and top 10 all time ranking. 



High Temperature Data for North Platte Nebraska
Rank Number of Days Ending Date
1 1773 7/13/1886
2 1444 7/3/1978
3 1378 6/9/1952
4 1132 8/26/1994
5 1130 8/29/1922
6 1123 8/28/1905
7 1079 7/24/1910
8 1066 7/13/1998
9 1064 **7/3/2011** (On Going)
10 1017 6/5/1946

NWS Meteorologist Shawn Jacobs


July 04, 2010

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