Heavy Rain
April 26th-27th


Moderate to heavy rainfall fell across much of western and central Nebraska on the 26th-27th as a potent upper level disturbance pushed into the plains. Very unusual high values of moisture for April moved into the state ahead of this system. In fact, during the morning of the 27th, moisture content at North Platte, measured by the 7 AM upper air balloon launch, recorded water vapor content in the atmosphere near 3 standard deviations (99th percentile) above normal. Numerous rain showers and thunderstorms resulted in rainfall accumulations ranging from .75 - 2.5" of rainfall. Here is a listing of storm total rainfall accumulations at the 8 airport observing stations across the region as well as various Cooperative observer locations.

Airport Surface Observing Sites (Inches)

 Ainsworth  0.71
 Ogallala  0.94
 Imperial  2.60
 O'neill  1.61
 Thedford  1.39
 North Platte  1.30
 Valentine  1.02
 Broken Bow  1.24

Cooperative Observer Rainfall Accumulations (Inches)

Anselmo  1.03
Butte  1.22
Callaway  1.30
Ericson  2.26
Eustis  0.91
Mason City  2.00
Stapleton  1.58
Springview  1.24
Madrid  1.19

Storm Total Multi-Sensor Estimated Rainfall Map


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