2012 Kids' Discover Event

At the Mid Plains Community College South Campus

Held Oct 13th From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. CDT

The 14th Annual Kids' Discover Event in North Platte was held at the Mid Plains Community College South Campus on Saturday, October 13th.

It was a fun filled day for all area youth as this year's theme character was Yogi Bear.  Every year approximately 1500 youngsters are met with interesting activities, and this year was no exception as many kids attended. Our booth helped youngsters discover how weather impacts tree growth using tree core samples. A core sample is shown below.

Some species of trees can live for thousands of years, where a tree's rings reflect yearly precipitation patterns that can help record past climate conditions. Youngsters used tree cores, tracing paper and crayons to find wet or dry seasons, where the tree rings will be wider during wet seasons and narrower during dry seasons. Events like wildfires also add "marked layers" known as fire scars.

For older kids, Meteorologist Shawn Jacobs created an interactive 'Weather Jeopardy' game. Hidden game clues were given, where everyone was given the challenge to answer by selecting the right question. 

Herbie Husker was there along with other special visitor's!

Photographs were taken throughout the event with several provided in the gallery below for viewing. We look forward to being part of this event again in 2013 so we'll see you then!




Photo Gallery


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