North Platte Shatters Record
for Driest 365 Days (1 year)

     On April 27, 2012 a total of 1.22 inches was recorded. This was the last time more than one inch of precipitation was recorded on a single calendar day at Lee Bird Field in North Platte. This was then followed by a record drought across the region. On April 27, 2013 the running 365 day (1 year) total precipitation lost that heavy rainfall event. This dropped the running 365 day total from 8.45 inches to 7.23 inches. While the total of 8.45 inches was already near the lowest total on record, the total of 7.23 inches shattered the previous record of 7.87 inches set on June 9, 1932. The drought over the past year has dropped the running 365 day total to drop below 10 inches for the first time since 1940 at North Platte. Below is a graph representing the running 365 days total precipitation for North Platte, with a few dates highlighted. On the low end, the lowest total when a stretch fell below 10 inches. The highest total occured on July 17 ,1951 when the running 365 day total was a whopping 38.10 inches. The North Platte record goes back to 1874 with the plot below connecting over 50,000 points.
Running 365 Day Total Precipitation North Platte
     Over the past few months Valentine has seen a little more precipitation (mostly in the form of snow) which has kept the running 365 day total above the record low. The current total (as of April 27) is down to 9.59 inches, however the lowest total in current drought occured on February 28, when the running 365 day total fell to 9.45 inches. Below is the graph for Valentine (similar to the one above for North Platte) with labels below 10 inches and the June 21, 1892 max of 33.94 inches. The records for Valentine precipitation go back to 1889.
Running 365 Day Total Precipitation Valentine

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