Specific Model information for the 18KM WRFEMS at WFO LBF :


Run times : 0000 UTC and 1200 UTC Daily

(model output available approx. 0445 UTC and 1645 UTC)

General WRF Model Run Timing and I/O Information

WRF Core
Advanced Research WRF (ARW)
Number of Domains
MOAD Grid Dimensions (W-ExS-N) 
MOAD Grid Spacing
18.0 km
Map Projection
MOAD Center lat/lon
40.0, -103.5
MOAD timestep
108 sec
Vertical ETAP Levels
Pressure at model top

50 mb

  WRF Run Dynamics Configuration
Model Dynamics
Non Hydrostatic
Time Integration
Runge-Kutta 3rd Order
Turbulance and Mixing Option
Evaluates Mixing Terms in Physical Space
Eddy Coefficient Option
Horizontal Smagorinsky First Order Closure
Upper Level Damping
Vertical Velocity Damping      
  WRF Run Physics Configuration
Cumulus Scheme                  NAM Kain-Fritsch Scheme
Cumulus Timestep 5 Minutes
Microphysics Scheme             WSM Single-Moment 5-Class Scheme
Moisture (Q) Threshold Plan     Set All Q Fields to Threshold
Moisture Threshold              1.e-8
Boundary Layer Scheme           Yonsei University Scheme
Boundary Layer Timestep         0 Minutes
Land-Surface Scheme             Noah 4-Layer Land Surface Model
Number of Soil Layers           4
Source of Landuse and Soil Data Standard Initialization (SI)
Surface Layer Scheme            Monin-Obukhov Scheme
Include Surface Fluxes          Yes
Long Wave Radiation             Rapid Radiative Transfer Model (RRTM)
Short Wave Radiation            Dudhia Scheme
Radiation Timestep               Auto Minutes
Include Cloud Effects           Yes


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