Gustnadoes Do Damage
At Wilson Feed Lot

A gust front advanced east across Perkins County July 2, 2010 where gustnadoes formed and did damage. The gustnadoes moved east and produced damage at the Wilson Feed Lot located seven miles west and one mile south of Grant. At the feed lot the gustnadoes destroyed a raised, open faced storage building. The building frame slammed into the southwest corner of a large garage. Damage also included destroying an empty 1200 pound storage grain bin, moved a scale house building approximately two inches on its foundation and damaged the foundation to a third storage building. Storm chaser Dean Cosgrove photographed the gustnadoes while traveling east on highway 23 near Brandon, Nebraska. Meteorologist Teresa Keck photographed the damage at the feed lot with images provided below for viewing.

Wilson Feed Lot Damaged

Images provided courtesy of Dean Cosgrove

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