How Hot Does It Feel

If you thought it was hot Monday wait until this afternoon. The heat will continue to build today. When we consider how hot it feels the temperature and relative humidity are combined to determine the apparent temperature, or more commonly known as the heat index. This afternoon heat indices will reach the extreme caution category as the temperatures climb into the middle 90s and relative humidity’s reach into the 40s, creating heat indices ranging from 95 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit as shown in the table below. The most critical hours for the higher heat indices will be from around 3 p.m. into the evening hours. At heat indices this high children and adults can develop and exhibit heat symptoms such as sunburns, heat cramps and heat exhaustion. In more extreme cases heat strokes can occur. As the heat builds this afternoon try to find a cool place. If outdoors this afternoon play it safe by drinking plenty of non alcoholic fluids.  

By late afternoon a cold front will approach and move southeast.  There is a chance for thunderstorms that will help cool the air, but until then watch the temperature.

To learn more on heat hazards and symptoms visit our site Heat: A Major Killer.

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