The April 14-15 Blizzard 


A major winter storm hit Western and North Central Nebraska on April 14th & 15th with heavy snow, gusty winds and blizzard conditions.  Low pressure developed over southeastern Colorado and slowly wobbled to the north and east.  Initially, warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico raced northward, brining moderate to heavy rain with a few embedded rumbles of thunder.  However, as the system intensified, cold air from the Northern Plains was pulled south into the system.  Rain quickly changed over to snow across the eastern panhandle by midday on Thursday.  Due to heavy snow accumulation rates of two inches or more an hour, snow began  to accumulate on paved surfaces.  This caused havoc on area roadways, with numerous accidents reported by early Thursday evening.  The rain changed over to all snow for locations along highway 83 late in the evening, but still record snowfall amounts were deposited by the storm in both North Platte and in Valentine, where 5.0 and 5.3 inches of snow fell respectively.  By the time the storm exited the region, snow accumulations exceeding a foot were reported east of Ogallala in the community of Paxton with over two inches of liquid precipitation falling in portions of Lincoln County.  For a comprehensive listing of local storm reports, please click on the Public Information Statement or Local Storm Report links below or check out the tabular data toward the bottom of this page.  




Peak Wind Gusts from April 14th & 15th
Location Peak Wind Gust (MPH)
North Platte 53
Valentine 43
Imperial 52
Broken Bow 62


Snow and Rain Reports from April 14th and 15th
Location Snow (Inches) Rain (Inches)
North Platte 5.0 1.20
Valentine 5.3 0.91
Broken Bow M 1.59
O'Neill M 0.85
Ainsworth 6.0 0.80
Butte 3.7 1.86
Hayes Center 1NW 4.5 1.40
Calloway 8WSW 1.0 0.92
Anselmo 2.0 1.57
Big Springs 4.2 1.17
Burwell M 1.48
Kilgore 1NE 9.1 1.70
Chambers 5.0 1.34
O'Neill Coop M 1.15
Kingsley Dam 10.2 1.45
Red Willow Dam 2.0 1.83
Stapleton 5W 6.3 1.42
Medicine Creek Dam 0.1 1.70
Eustis 2NW 1.1 1.63
Mullen 6.0 1.43
Ericson 8WNW 5.0 1.95
Taylor M 1.78
Imperial Coop 10.0 1.17
Elsmere 9ENE 5.5 1.20
Ellsworth 10.0 0.69
Bartlett 1S M 1.08
Wallace 2W 7.0 2.33
Gross 1E M 1.25
Wellfleet 4.0 1.96
Hershey 4.0 1.30
Paxton 12 M
Sutherland 6.0 1.42
Maywood 2.0 1.43
Elsie 8.0 2.25
Wauneta 6.0 2.95
Champion 9.0 1.02
Lamar 6.0 0.45
Chappell 4.0 0.75
Arthur 0.1S 12.0 0.47
Thedford 0.3E 9.0 0.98
Rushville 3.0 0.55
Cody 7.0 0.98
Whitman 12.0 1.15
Bartlett 8.6NW 3.0 M
Johnstown 4 WSW 5.0 0.69
Burwell 10.2 WNW 1.5 M
Anselmo 11.8 WSW 3.0 1.25
North Platte 1.3 NNW 4.5 0.86

  Reported Weather/Travel Conditions


Nebraska Road Reports
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Local Storm Reports
Regional Temperature and Precipitation
Coop Observations
Snow Maps (National)
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Created:  Saturday, 16 April 2011

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