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The river levels continue to slowly fall.  No flood warnings remain in effect.  River forecast points available for reference, forecasts and impacts from the flood waters include:

South Platte River


Platte River

Julesburg, CO

Roscoe, NE

North Platte, NE


Brady, NE






Although river levels are declining in most areas, those that live along the river should stay informed to the latest observations and forecasts.  As there remains a lot of water still in the river system, elevated levels are expected for both the South Platte and Platte Rivers through the early part of October.  Play it safe - of concern is the amount of debris that will be in the river. This debris will pose a hazard to recreational users of the river. 

For information about the Platte River downstream visit WFO Hastings or Omaha/Valley.


River Forecast Points on South Platte and Platte River

South Platte River Gage @ Julesburg (Colorado)


South Platte River Gage @ Roscoe (Nebraska)

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15'  - Water reaches the low steel on the bridge between Interstate 80 to Roscoe.
13'  - Major flood stage. Widespread flooding between Interstate 80 and railroad tracks along Highway 30.
   Water may cover Interstate 80 exchange.

 - Moderate flood stage. Homes and out buildings along the river may begin to flood.
   Flooding occurs along the river between Roscoe and the Interstate 80 exchange. 
  Water may approach Link 51B which is the road between Interstate 80 and Roscoe on the south side of the river.

10'  - Water reaches the gage house floor.
9'  - Flood Stage. Minor flooding of agricultural land along the river.

South Platte River Gage @ North Platte (Nebraska)

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18.5'  - Water reaches the bottom of the Highway 83 bridge.
18.3'  - Water may begin to flow into the Sonic parking lot.
17'  - Water may reach the Quality Inn and Pizza Hut parking lots.
15'  - Major flood stage.
   Flooding of homes is possible along the South Platte River in and around
   the city of North Platte.
   Water is likely to back up into storm drains throughout the city of North Platte.
14'  - Moderate flood stage. 
   Flooding of homes along the South Platte River including the City of North Platte. 
   Water may begin to cover South River Road.
13.5'  - Water begins to flow over Buffalo Bill Road just north of the South Platte River bridge.
13'  - Flood Stage. Flooding of yards and roads may occur around homes in Hidden Lakes.
   Most of Iron Eagle Golf Course becomes submerged.
   Backwash may occur into sewer and storm drains in the city of North Platte.
12.9'  - Backwash may occur into sewer and storm drains in city of North Platte.
12'  - Flooding occurs on the north and east end of Iron Eagle Golf Course along the south bank of the river.
10'  - Ponding of water and flooding of low lying areas at Iron Eagle Golf Course.

Platte River Gage @ Brady (Nebraska)

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12'  - Widespread flooding along the Platte River and in the southern portions of Brady 
   Water may approach the Dairy queen and gas station parking lot just north of Interstate 80. 
   Homes and properties on both sides of the north channel may flood.
11'  - Major flood stage.
   Widespread flooding along the Platte River including areas along McCollough Road and East Island Road.

 - Water reaches McCullough road along the north side of the Platte River.  
   Water may begin to surround homes and could restrict access to homes and properties.

9.6'  - On May 14 1973 a record flood stage was set as 18600 cfs was observed along the Platte River at Brady.
9'  - Moderate flood stage.
   West of Brady - flooding occurs between McCullough Road and East Island Rd/Intersate 80.
   East of Brady - flooding of agricultural land occurs near Interstate 80.  Both north channels may overflow.
7.5'  - Flood Stage. Minor flooding along and near the Platte River.
7'  - Low lying areas along the river begin to flow with the river near bankfull.

River Gages include the latest observation and the latest forecast.
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