WSR-88D Example Products

This is the Radar Data Acquisition (RDA) of the Louisville-Ft. Knox (KLVX) WSR-88D Doppler radar. The RDA is located at Ft. Knox, KY. Inside the large white protective covering (radome) is a huge antenna that continuously rotates sending signals to and receiving signals from targets in the atmosphere. These targets are "hydrometeors," ranging from very small, non-precipitating particles (virga) to very large raindrops and hail from thunderstorms. The antenna also can sense movement of particles directed toward and away from the RDA, which is especially helpful in assessing winds and rotation within severe thunderstorms. The antenna is very sensitive and powerful, allowing forecasters to evaluate the structure, evolution, and motion of precipitation systems in great detail. Yet, the antenna transmits only a small fraction of the time, and "listens" for returned power from precipitation targets the rest of the time. The RDA can be controlled by staff members at NWS Louisville. Data received at the RDA is processed then sent to the Radar Products Generator (RPG) at NWS Louisville for further processing before final display at AWIPS workstations for observation, forecast, and warning purposes. 

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