Storms of April 4, 2011


Clinton County

A short-lived EF-1 tornado with winds to 90 mph touched down 4.25 miles southwest of Albany at 3:14pm CDT.  A large boat storage barn, 125 x 30 feet, had its roof lifted and thrown approximately 90 yards.  A second storage shed was also destroyed.  A house along the path had a window blown out and the metal roof peeled back.  Multiple trees were uprooted as well.  The path length was 350 yards, and the width 100 yards.  There were no injuries or fatalities. 

On either side of the tornado track straight-line wind damage extended out 100 yards with limbs and trees blown down.  The straight-line winds were estimated at 70 mph.

Damage pictures in Clinton County taken by the NWS storm survey team:


In addition, an EF-0 tornado with winds to 85 mph struck northern Clinton County about three-quarters of a mile north-northeast of Seventy-Six at 3:16pm CDT.  Multiple pine, ash, and oak trees were snapped and uprooted.  The path length was 250 yards with a width of 60 yards.  There were no injuries or fatalities.



Monroe County

At 2:55pm CDT an EF-1 tornado with 90 mph winds touched down one mile west of the intersection of KY 214 and KY 953, and lifted a minute later one-quarter of a mile east of where it started.  The path width was 75 yards.   A 60x30 foot barn was damaged with parts of it thrown 400 yards toward the east, northeast, and southeast.  Multiple trees were snapped and uprooted.  There were no injuries or fatalities. 

Damage pictures in Monroe County taken by the NWS storm survey team:


Butler County

At 12:26pm CDT an EF-1 tornado touched down 1.7 miles west-northwest of Sugar Grove near the intersection of Dimple and Belcher Roads.  The tornado continued for four minutes along a 3.4 mile long path with winds to 100 mph, lifting 0.7 miles northeast of Needmore.   The path was 50 yards wide.  Near Needmore trees were snapped and a section of a residence's roof was removed.  Elsewhere along the path minor roof damage occurred and a mobile home was moved from its foundation. The tornado lifted just east of the William H. Natcher/Green River Parkway.  There were no injuries or fatalities.


Damage pictures from Butler County taken by the NWS storm survey team:

 Grayson County

Two EF-1 tornadoes struck southwest Grayson County.

Tornado #1
This tornado touched down at 12:38pm CDT and lifted at 12:42pm CDT.  It began at the Butler/Grayson County line just north of Dog Creek Road and ended near the intersection of J. D. Hudson Road and Coats Road.  Winds reached 100 mph along its 3 mile long and 125 yard wide path.  The storm cut a very narrow path through trees immediately west of KY 79 near Gracie Lane, with a number of trees snapped and uprooted.  One of the trees along Gracie Lane fell on power lines, tearing them down.  Metal roofing on a barn was blown off and pushed a few hundred yards downwind into the woods.  A small well-constructed shed was pushed over onto its side, and another small shed was destroyed.  In addition a nearby house had its metal roof blown off.  The tornado may have begun to skip intermittently through some woods east of KY 79 as only a few trees lost some limbs near the intersection of Delmar Lindsey lane and Lawrence Hayes Road.  However, just to the east of this location, along Coats Road, a metal outbuilding was destroyed consistent with EF-1 damage.  There were no injuries or fatalities with this tornado.


 Damage pictures from Grayson County, taken by the NWS storm survey:

Tornado #2
The first tornado touched down at 12:41pm CDT in Caneyville and lifted at 12:43pm CDT a mile east of Caneyville, with a path width of 200 yards and wind speeds to 100 mph.  The funnel reached the ground near the intersection of North Main Street and River Park Drive where a tree was blown down onto a restaurant.  Next to that location a baseball field had the metal roofs blown off the cinder block dugout with a number of cinder blocks blown several feet east of the dugout.  A few trees were snapped as well.  About half a mile to the east along US 62 at the Caneyville Milling Company three large empty metal grain bins were moved off their foundations causing damage to nearby objects.  A mobile home had its metal roof blown off into a nearby pond and insulation was blown along the ground and into a couple of trees.  A tractor trailer was blown over and several trees were uprooted or snapped.  There were no fatalities or injuries.


Russell County

Straight-line winds to 70 mph buffeted north central Russell County from 3:13pm CDT to 3:20pm CDT.  The winds blew down a section of an old building in Russell Springs.  A few minutes later just northeast of Fonthill a section of roof at an auto auction store was blown a distance of over 500 feet.  Toward the end of the event a barn with a concrete block foundation collapsed about five miles northeast of Eli.

Russell County wind damage pictures:


Hart County

Straight line winds of as much as 60 mph tore through northern Hart County from 1:11pm CDT to 1:25pm CDT.  The main area of damage began about five miles northeast of Munfordville along Friendship Church Road.  In this area a barn lost its roof and a couple of large trees were felled.  As the storm moved east toward Green County a window was blown out at a hardware store and tree tops were snapped off.  Small trees were uprooted.  A large tree and two small trees were blown down near Maple Road.

Hart County damage pictures from the NWS Storm Survey Team:


Casey County

Straight-line winds of as much as 80 mph were detected in Casey County from 4:16pm EDT to 4:19pm EDT near Winsor.  One distinct microburst track started in a wooded area and traveled southeast toward two mobile homes.  One had a section of roof removed with insulation spread downwind.  The other mobile home lost its porch roof.  The microburst winds continued across KY 80 where a barn was destroyed and rock mulch was embedded into a house's vinyl siding.  Behind the house another barn had a section of roof removed.  At another nearby spot east on KY 80 trees were uprooted and fell on a house, and another barn was destroyed.  Sporadic tree damage was seen throughout southern Casey County.

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