Warren County Airport

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These graphs are created by downloading 5-minute ASOS observations once each hour, with a 24-hour floating window of data available.  The plots increase through time from left to right.

Current BWG Weather

Warren County Airport (KBWG)
Bowling Green, Kentucky


5-minute ASOS Data in CSV Format

Please check the time stamp on each graphic to verify the range of data you may be viewing. All times are Local Standard Time (LST), and thus you must add one hour when Daylight Savings Time is in effect.

Temperature (in red), Dew Point (in blue) and Heat Index or Wind Chill (in brown )
BWG Temperature

Relative Humidity (in red)
BWG Humidity

Altimeter Setting (in red)
BWG Altimeter

Wind Direction
BWG Wind Direction  
If no value was plotted, then the wind direction was variable.

Wind Speed (in red) and Wind Gusts (in blue)
BWG Wind Speed

Ceiling Height
BWG Ceiling

BWG Visibility

BWG Precip

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