June 15, 2010

A squall line moved across southern Indiana and central Kentucky during the evneing hours of June 15, 2010, and produced some interesting cloud formations as it did so!  Some of the low-hanging clouds have the appearance of funnel clouds, and may have shown some subtle rotation or movement as they crossed the sky, but in all likelihood they were simply lower clouds beneath the base of the thunderstorm, often referred to as "scud" (though the technical term is "stratus fractus").  It shows how easy it can be to mistake a harmless scud cloud for a funnel!

Many thanks to the photographers who shared their pictures with us.

Click on an image to see a larger version.

Storm north of Austin A building thunderstorm north of Austin, Indiana during the afternoon hours.  The main squall line was still off to the west, and would come in later that evening.  Photo:  Jeanne Newton
Sellersburg The squall line rolls into Sellersburg around 7:15pm...  Photo:  Jason Dotson KE5WKS
Shepherdsville A suspicious, but harmless, low cloud over Shepherdsville.  Photo:  Marke Richardson
Lightning near Elizabethtown Lightning strike near Elizabethtown at 9:52pm.  Photo:  Code 3 Images Photography
Lightning near Elizabethtown More lightning ner Elizabethtown, just a few minutes after the previous picture.  Photo:  Code 3 Images Photography
Fairdale High School Low hanging clouds over Louisville near Fairdale High School.  Photo:  Eric Bowles via Ben Pine/WHAS
SDF scud This still shot was taken from a WHAS weather camera located near Louisville International Airport.  Photo:  Ben Pine/WHAS
On Palatka Road in Louisville Here's a view from near Iroquois Park in southwest Louisville.  Photo:  Jessica Ray
Towers over Louisville Storm towers going up over Louisville.  Photo:  Brandon Terry
Pewee Valley Another low-hanging cloud formation, this time as seen from Pewee Valley.  Photo:  Brandon Terry
Lexington Lightning Lightning striking Lexington.  If you are close enough to a storm to hear thunder, you're close enough to be struck by lightning!  Photo:  John Bradshaw K4SWX
Lexington shelf An ominous shelf cloud advances across Lexington.  This sort of cloud often marks the leading edge of strong, gusty winds.  Photo:  John Bradshaw K4SWX

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