June 26, 2013 Larue County EF-2 Tornado

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Damage Type: Tornado

     Begin Time: 10:25 PM EDT
     End Time: 10:33 PM EDT

     EF Scale: 2
     Wind Speed: 100 - 135 MPH

     Path Length: Approx. 7.0 miles
     Path Width: 150-300 yards

     The tornado initially touched down near the Hardin-Larue
     County border between Routes 210 and 61 just north of Tonieville.
     From there, the tornado moved east-northeast. On Castleman Road,
     just northwest of the Castleman-Carter Brothers Road intersection, a
     metal shop building had its metal sheeting roof taken off and
     thrown downwind 100-150 yards. The garage doors were bent and
     pushed in. Insulation was everywhere. Several trees were uprooted or
     branches snapped. Here, the tornado was estimated to be EF1 with a
     maximum wind speed of 100-105 mph.

     On Carter Brothers Road, a large RV inside a metal shed was blown
     onto its side and the shed it was in was destroyed. Here, a 2-story
     pole tobacco barn was also destroyed. Red and white oak and walnut
     trees were either sheared off or many large limbs down. Across the
     road, a metal livestock building was destroyed with chaotic damage
     around a house. In these areas, the tornado was estimated around 115
     mph or EF2.

     Next, along State Road 1607, not far from Salem Church Road and Dan
     Dunn Road, a silo was crumbled and some parts of a corn field were
     mashed down. Some Bradford pear trees were uprooted on Dan Dunn Road.

     Considerable damage occurred on parts of Slack Road. A 1-room school
     house was destroyed. A dairy farming operation just up the road had
     several barns destroyed, along with some trees uprooted and branches
     snapped. The worst damage was at the dairy farm, where estimated
     winds were 130-135 mph, or high-end EF2.

     Also on Slack Road, a 2-story house had its entire roof blown off.
     Blown-in insulation was caked onto the entire back side of the
     house (on the back side of the direction of motion of the tornado).
     A shed was blown down here as well along with a few trees uprooted.
     Here, winds were estimated around 120 mph (EF2).

     The exact end point of the tornado was difficult to determine as it
     went into a limited access area of many trees in north-northeast
     Larue County. The tornado may have skipped a few times along its
     path over the landscape.

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